Our state of the art roasting process uses 100% hot air and smoke rather than direct heat from a gas flame, meaning the beans are more evenly roasted. This method produces a consistent roast, resulting in cleaner, sweeter, full bodied tasting coffee.

We roast at a very slow pace about 50min per roast compared to traditional gas roast which is done within 18min.which means the coffee beans are not as stressed.

You might also be thinking that like a wood-fired oven or grill, the smoke imparts a distinct flavour to the beans. This is the case, however, the change in flavour characteristics are very subtle, providing more of a imprint rather than an altered profile.

Artis Coffee is committed to providing you with the freshest and highest quality wood roasted coffee beans, which enhances the taste and aroma of the coffee for you and your customers to enjoy.

We only use the highest quality timber – Australian iron bark, red gum and yellow box because it produces more heat and brings out the natural flavour of the beans. We are conscious of the environment and we source local hardwood from sustainably managed forests. We control the natural moisture in the timber by airing it out in our warehouse for two months, thereby using dry wood because it burns hotter and cleaner and overall is better for the environment.

Not only is our roasting method different to other coffee roasters who commonly use gas, our Wood roaster was custom built in Australia one of a kind in the world. our roasting technique has been passed on 4rd generation family of roasters,You are welcome to swing past and have a look for yourself  (by appointment) Our Wood Roaster is fully  heat is controlled – we guarantee the perfect roast by data logging every roast we do.

Any barista will say, the perfect coffee starts with the beans. That is why we have embarked on our journey to create something truly unique and satisfying for our customers. Our wood-fired roasting process is unparalleled, providing customers with a unique, full flavoured and quality roasted coffee using a traditional artisan technique over wood. . Our roasting process gives the green coffee beans their distinct taste, aroma and colour.